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28.09.2019 // Decoration

Films and interior decoration

Some films start trends, provoke fashion, make things and habits popular... and others give great importance to interiors and interior decoration.

16.09.2019 // Design

Design as a weapon to fight a war

During the Cold War, design came to be considered a weapon which could be used to achieve world leadership.

14.09.2019 // Illustration

The tattoo: body art with a history

Tattoos have existed since ancient times in civilisations all over the world, with different purposes, from our ancestors in the New Stone Age, to the tattoos of Polynesia, where the word originated from.

29.08.2019 // Architecture

Architectural heritage and three theories on restoration

In the mid-19th century, people began to be more conscious of the conservation of old buildings, especially with the realisation of the deterioration of buildings over time.

18.08.2019 // Art

A revolutionary movement: VIDEO ART

The art world as was to the 60s would never again be the same. The cause: the birth of a new artistic movement – video art.

12.08.2019 // Photography

Miroslav Tichý: a dissident's perspective

Miroslav Tichý (1926-2011) was born in the Czech Republic and had a career that was marked by his reaction to Communism.