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12.08.2019 // Photography

Miroslav Tichý: a dissident's perspective

Miroslav Tichý (1926-2011) was born in the Czech Republic and had a career that was marked by his reaction to Communism.

05.08.2019 // Art

What is your contemporary art fair?

Moreover, the contemporary art fairs are getting more numerous and diverse, although there are some that obtain greater recognition. Most of them are places of sale, even fixing the market price, besides being a trend thermometer.

16.06.2019 // Architecture

Nobel Prize for Architecture

Just as the finest achievements in the film, literary and scientific worlds are rewarded, so architecture too receives its accolades in the form of the Pritzker Prize, considered the Nobel prize for architecture.

16.06.2019 // Decoration

The mirror: a key part of interior design

Mirrors are vital artefacts when designing the décor of a home. Diverse and original mirrors can be found in any room of a house and include designs that vary in accordance with the site in which they are placed.

16.06.2019 // Illustration

The art of illustrating your notes

Have you ever taken your notes with arrows, attention calls or colors? Maybe, you were unawared of the fact that you were sketchnoting.

16.06.2019 // Design

Edith Head won more Oscars than any other woman

Eight statuettes and thirty-five Oscar nominations prove it. Edith Head (1897-1981), also known as "The Doctor", is one of the most prolific fashion designers in the film industry.