The foundation

Art and Design

Art & Design Foundation helps to incorporate the most revolutionary and cutting-edge ideas into each item for the home, taking them from designers, photographers, illustrators and architects with lengthy history and know-how in the household sector, renowned fashion brand names and artistic educational organisations. This is a redefinition from the ground up of the artistic consideration of colours, lines, shapes, prints, materials and textures.

Associated artists


"Our mission is to help the finest international fashion houses to create their household line in partnership with the household product know-how of BERGNER and the creative mark of designers, photographers, architects and international graphic and textile schools, with a special focus on innovation in materials and cutting-edge design."


The vision at Art & Design Foundation reflects the whole of the long-term aspirations, dreams and hopes of the Foundation.

Thus, our vision is for everyone's home to be an extension of their personality and a reflection of bleeding edge fashion, through Haute Couture-inspired products.


Integrity, honesty & loyalty:

We work with respect, transparency and modesty, and collaborate to achieve common goals, seeking to apply creative ideas which will allow us to innovate in a practical and flexible way.

Social responsibility & excellence:

Identify what contributes value to society and focus on providing this value in everything we do.

Concern for the environment:

Commitment to environmentally-sustainable business practices that protect future generations.


Foster continuous improvement and innovation to achieve máximum quality.


Encourage the participation of everyone to achieve a common objective, sharing information and knowledge.

Ethical conduct:

Act with professionalism, moral integrity, loyality and respect towards humankind.

Help for people:

We wish to provide a work environment that ensures Health and Safety, and fosters professional development, equal opportunities and respect towards one’s private life.