Research & innovation

The Art & Design Foundation works on lines of Research and Innovation dedicated to domestic products.

It contributes towards the training of designers and boosts the links between members of the Foundation and the companies dedicated to interior design.

It studies techniques and trends related to domestic fixures and fittings. It researches materials and textures, contemplating sustainable, creative and innovative alternatives.

Additionally, the Art & Design Foundation Foundation fosters research agreements and undertakes projects linked to the use of new materials and designs, as well as the practicality, fashion and quality of domestic products.

Seal of Quality

In order to ensure the finest design and quality using cutting-edge materials for household items, the Art & Design Foundation awards the Art & Design Foundation Seal of Quality to crockery, home textile and decorative collections designed for the household.

The seal is a distinction that is a practical recognition of quality and design and is awarded following careful examination by the Art & Design Foundation panel of experts.

Adhered brands