Pierre Cardin’s world is made from multiple things, it is protean as well as avant-guardist.

The perfect combination of product know-how, work ethics and a vision of future are the qualities that have made the alliance between BERGNER EUROPE and Pierre Cardin something remarkable in dinnerware.

Cardin is considered, among other things, the creator of the concepts unisex and prêt -à-porter. Pierre Cardin was also a pioneer in the now common practice of applying fashion ideas to porcelain like in our dinnerware collection “Paris”, but this was unusual back in 1968, when he first did it.

Pierre Carding and Bergner Europe bring refined elegance and timeless aesthetic from France to the table with the new “Paris” collection. “Paris” is a brushstroke of French art and culture. These are small details reinterpreted from an aesthetic point of view helping us create amazing table settings.