Silvia Pagliano

Artists, Printers

Rosario, Argentina. 1947.
Faculty of Fine Arts, Rosario University.
Degree in Fine Arts, Barcelona University.
Grant for Graphic Industry, Urbino, Italy. Ministry of Foreign Affairs.
Lecturer in Engraving & Lithography, ZSee morearagoza School of Art, 1999-2012.
Has participated in International Biennials: SAGA 94 & 95, Art Multiple, Düsseldorf.
ESTAMPA, Madrid; Nagoya Museum Print Art Exhibition.

Recipient of national and international awards. Grand Prix, 7th International Mini Print Biennial, Seoul, Korea. MARIA DE SALAMANCA Award, Spanish Contemporary Museum of Engraving, Marbella, MGEC. Latin American Engraving Biennial, Puerto Rico, Accesit. Südwest LB Druckgrafik Kunstpreis´93, Stuttgart, Acquisition Award.

Works in collections: Madrid National Intaglio, Ciec Collection, La Coruña; Museum of Modern Art, Sassoferrato, Italy. Gelonch Viladegut Collection. Barcelona: Fuendetodos Museum of Engraving, Zaragoza.

Recent exhibitions: From Miró to Barceló, Gelonch Viladegut Collection, Perpignan. France.
5 Libros de artista on 'Diario de un poeta recién casado' by Juan Ramón Jiménez, Centro CAI, Zaragoza, 2016, Cervantes Institute, Moscow, 2016. Cervantes Institute, Chicago, 2017. Libros convertidos, Pablo Gargallo Museum, Zaragoza. June 2018
An die Musik, engravings. El Círculo Theatre, Rosario Argentina, 2018. Graphic Artwork Collection, Casa Ganaderos, 1992-2018. Pablo Gargallo Museum. Zaragoza, 2019.

My source of inspiration has always been nature, the countryside, gestural painting, abstract expressionism. I have mostly worked with paint on paper, using various graphic techniques (engraving, lithography, wood cuts). My work has always been abstract, even when making figurative art. I normally drift into the abstract even when the motif is figurative. In recent years, I have been working a lot on artist books and photographic processes in lithography. Courses in engraving, lithography and binding, with the recent addition of traditional jewellery, in the 'elpalitoedita' workshop (founded in 2010). Workshops open to the public have been organised to raise awareness of graphic art, such as the 'open-door' with the colour engraving course. We have also had various exhibitions of art created during the workshops.



Technique: Lithography
Year: 2008

Story: When creating the work, the first impulse is abstract brushstrokes, which is decisive. If you like it, you keep it. If you do not, you drop it; alteration is not allowed. Once done, you move on to preparing the iron for printing. Then, you choose a colour for the ink to be used in the printing. Red was the first ink in this case. Then came black. Later, you could see that another colour was needed. So, I chose yellow because the overlapping inks were starting to produce a range of tones. When working on gestural art, there is no sketching: you work in the moment.