Olga Skomorokhova

Illustrators, Artists

Despite the Nordic name Olga Oilikki is associated with she was born and grew up in Russia. Olga specialises in magazine and book illustrations and other commissioned and personal projects. As a child, Olga found immense pleasure in painting and drawSee moreing. This activity soon transformed into interest in graphic design while illustration was just a passionate hobby. Only a few years ago she has become a full time freelance illustrator based in Tallinn. Olga is inspired by travelling and people around, thus, you can see a lot of botanical, architectural and animalistic topics in her art. She experiments with many different techniques, and utilizes various materials to achieve the desired effect.

Abstract art: intricate, whimsical, full of details and humour; Surface design: fully detailed illustrations with fantasy, animalistic, floral and folk motifs; Children's illustrations: the style of illustrations usually depends on the age, some may be complex and more or less realistic, while others may be naïve, all of them are colourful, and characters are often bright, colourful and friendly.


'Spring flowers'

Technique: Digital illustration
Year: 2018

Story: I am fascinated and hugely inspired by the nature and everything that surrounds us. I like how seasons change each other. In Estonia where I live right now the sesonal periodicity is so obvious: you can definitely describe summer as green, lush and bright, autumn as golden, colourful, melancholic while winter is simply a white snow queen. My favourite one is spring though, the one having its own charm to win anyone over. It starts in April/May usually, and you immideately get enchanted by the blossom and smell of flowers, young sprouts, early birds and insects. How can’t one be touched and inspired by this beauty?

I tried to put my emotions and impressions of a splendid springtime into the pattern. Hopefully the colours and shapes reflect the idea of a rebirth after the winter time. Bright pink colours are like a splash of new energy, enthusiasm, activity. Dynamic composition adds to the idea of a «new myself». I was hoping that one looking at the artwork could feel exactly the same. Maybe someone could see a meadow with pimpernels and carnations, or the reflection of a sunset sky in the pond with lillies… Imagination is as peculiar as spring vibes themselves.