Marcela López
(Marce López)

Designers, Illustrators

(Bogotá 1986). Degree in Visual Arts (specialising in graphic & audiovisual arts) from the Pontificia Universidad Javeriana, Bogotá. I completed my studies with 'Illustration for Children's Books' at the Tadeo Lozano University in Bogotá. Later, ISee more received a grant to undertake a Master's in Textile and Surface Design at the European Design Institute (IED) in Madrid, Spain. There, I was chosen by the Spanish fashion house 'La Casita de Wendy' to produce a print for the brand. My prints were also chosen by 'Texitura Magazine' to be published in the book 'The Flowers Book'.

My work mainly focuses on illustration and print design. I like to make delicate, pretty things, which are sometimes naïf in style. I enjoy using little details, such as lines and dots, to create shapes and backgrounds. I mainly use watercolours and inks which I then work on in Photoshop, although I do often work digitally. I am inspired by things that happen to me, history, art and nature, most especially flowers. I like to invent characters at times and create dreamlike designs which are fantastical in nature.



Technique: Hand drawn illustration and digital illustration

Story: This project is inspired by Mexican culture, in the craftsmanship of 'alebrijes' (figurines) and their vibrant colours. 'Alebrijes' are imaginary beings created from a combination of animals both real and fantastical. At times, they are combined with plants and flowers to create animals that are surreal, fun and magical.

I really enjoy working in the areas of fantasy, animals and botany, and with plenty of warp and weft. That is why I have chosen this idea as my inspiration: here each animal is an unreal being, colourful and storied, full of delicate yet rare details – such as little dots, lines and spirals. The background is similar, made of little polka dots all lined up in a row.