Séverine Bourgeois

Illustrators, Artists

Séverine Bourgeois was born at the end of the 1980’s, somewhere in south of France, in a special land with dazzling light and sparkling sky. She still lives and work in this area. She has completed studies in Contemporary Arts and then in IllustraSee moretion, always being supported by her little tortoise, a very good advisor if you want her opinion. Her favourite ways of expressions are images and writing. Her work is shown in various countries through Europe and USA.

I love to handle Rotrings and graphite to create hybrid universes in which are tangled poetry, exploration of the human body, reflexions about the world and ourselves. I aim to produce images with a hint of mystery and, sometimes, of darkness too. I think that art is supposed to move deeply everybody, to overwhelm, to move something inside us no matter what. Questions, joy, sadness, melancholia or any other sort of feelings must appear when someone confronts himself to any form of art.
When I create an image, I like to have the choice in the technique I could use, so I will be able to transpose on the paper what’s inside my mind. There are still two aspects in my personal creations: one is most centred towards contemporary art, and the other tends toward illustration. But drawing is my language, whether it is with graphite or with a multitude of tiny dots (stippling).


'Blumentanz' (Flowers dance)

Technique: Mixed media
Year: 2019

Story: Blumentanz is part of a series of illustrations that explore the human body in motion. It appeals to the dance in its pure form and expression, focused on the posture of the torsos and the movements of the layered skirts. The organised crowd of the masked ballerinas refers to ballet and create a pattern.